Plain Cultured Oat Vegan Yoghurt: Dairy-Free Yoghurt

Yokos Plain Cultured Oat dairy- free yoghurt contains 60% oat milk. It is full of wholesome fibre, which means it keeps you fuller for longer. Velvety smooth and mouth-wateringly delicious, it’s also a super source of plant-based protein. That we use gluten-free oats, lovingly ground into a milk by a local producer, adds to the positive benefits of our lactose-free product. Yokos oat yoghurt is the perfect option for people with nut allergies who cannot enjoy our tempting dairy-free nut yoghurts.


Organic oat (water, oat, sunflower oil, salt), coconut milk(coconut extract, water), live vegan cultures, modified starch.

Shelf Life

30 Days

Available Sizes

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